International Meme Fund

Memes is $Money

DeFi protocol for depositing memecoins as collateral and borrowing $MONEY. IMF/MONEY pool live on DexScreener.

International Meme Fund FAQ

What is the International Meme Fund?

The International Meme Fund (IMF) is a DeFi protocol that lets users deposit their memecoins as collateral to borrow $MONEY.

What is $MONEY?

$MONEY is the IMF's native unstablecoin. Fully decentralized, permissionless and backed by the hardest assets: memes.Unlike stablecoins like $USDC and $DAI which are hard-pegged at $1, $MONEY is soft-pegged and targets the stable price of $6.90. This soft-peg is influenced through interest rate mechanics and a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) pricing model.

What can I do with $MONEY?

Users can borrow up to 69% of the value of their collateral in $MONEY. $MONEY can be used to buy more memecoins or provide and stake $MONEY LP to earn $IMF.

What is $IMF?

$IMF is the revenue and utility token of the IMF. Stake $IMF to earn protocol revenue (trading fees) and participate in governance.

Which memecoins can I deposit to borrow $MONEY?

The IMF will initially support the following memecoins as collateral:- PEPE